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Strong combination, "Heng pump" supporting famous brand trenchless rig.

Strong combination, "Heng pump" supporting famous brand trenchless rig.

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The 2016-2017 year is the stage of rapid development of the trenchless technology industry in China. The non trenchless technology has been widely used in the municipal, gas, communications, oil and other industries, making the trenchless technology make great progress. The mud pump is one of the main supporting equipment for the non excavation drilling rig. As the cradle of China's specialized production mud pump, the slurry pump has drafted the national standard of "geological drilling reciprocating mud pump" (DZ/T0090-2017). The series of mud pump products are complete and can be used with various types of non excavated drilling rig, and the flow rate is 100-2500L/ Min, pressure 1.5-50Mpa, occupies the market dominant position, the market share profession first. The domestic non - excavated drilling rig leading brands of Xugong, drilling, the Yellow Sea, Gu Deng, German, dragon, and earth sun and other manufacturers are mostly chosen to match "check pump", and the pump can be customized according to the needs of users.