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  Hengyang central equipment Exploration Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new company established by Hengyang exploration machinery plant of the Ministry of Geology and mineral resources in 2006. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Geological Equipment Group. The company is located in Zhuhui District, Hengyang city of Hunan province. The traffic is very convenient. It is close to the two main railway lines of Beijing and Guangxi and Hunan and Guangxi. The Wu Guang high speed railway is here to join, and the Beijing Zhuhai and hengkunkun high-speed railway are connected here.


Cradle of professional production of mud pump in China


Hunan High-tech Enterprise

Hunan famous brand products

Hunan famous brand

Hunan Province Intelligent Geological Equipment Engineering Research Center


Core values: responsibility and honesty
Business philosophy: distance, precision, sincerity and commitment
Quality policy: high standard "balance" quantity, deep level "exploration", create first-class "goods" brand, guarantee service "excellent" quality.