Fill in the gap, the tower crane integrated core drilling machine sells well.

XY-42L, XY-5L type tower crane core drilling machine is developed on the basis of the advantages of the main drive of the vertical drill, which is based on the advantages of integrated function integr


Strong combination, "Heng pump" supporting famous brand trenchless rig.

The 2016-2017 year is the stage of rapid development of the trenchless technology industry in China. The non trenchless technology has been widely used in the municipal, gas, communications, oil and o


Major breakthrough in shale gas survey in new Wendi 1 well of electric top drive rotary drilling rig

In September 2017, the new well 1 well, Wensu County, Shandong Province, was drilled by the third geological and Mineral Exploration Institute of Xinjiang province. The XD-40DB/P type electric top dri


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