Hengyang central equipment Exploration Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new company established by Hengyang exploration machinery plant of the Ministry of Geology and mineral resources in 2006. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Geological Equipment Group. The company is located in Zhuhui District, Hengyang city of Hunan province. The traffic is very convenient. It is close to the two main railway lines of Beijing and Guangxi and Hunan and Guangxi. The Wu Guang high speed railway is here to join, and the Beijing Zhuhai and hengkunkun high-speed railway are connected here. The company covers an area of 170 thousand square meters, has 5 production workshops and 1 product testing centers, and has a complete production and operation management system. 

  Heng research company is known as China's professional production of mud pump cradle, is the backbone of domestic geological equipment manufacturing enterprises, mud pumps, core drilling professional production base. The existing leading products include five series of mud pumps, mortar pumps, high-pressure pumps, core drilling rig and engineering drilling rig. Mud pump series product specifications are complete, flow 100-2500L/min, pressure 1.5-50Mpa, occupy the market dominant position, market share industry first. The rig series has three different technical features of mechanical vertical axis, full hydraulic and electric top drive. Drilling depth is 100-4000 meters in depth and occupies an important market share; the new R & D electric top drive drilling rig leads the direction of the development of deep drilling equipment. We have drafted the national standard of "geological drilling reciprocating mud pump", and participated in drafting the industry standard of the series of geological core drilling rig and the technical conditions for all hydraulic core drilling machines. The product inspection and testing technology industry is the leading industry, and has the only experimental center in the industry with simultaneous mud pump and drill type test and performance test.


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