Chairman Zhou Yinlun visits Zhangjiakou ice and snow equipment Industrial Park

In order to carry out the requirements of the development of the ice and snow equipment industry of the national machine group and actively promote the related work, in May 16, 2018, Zhou Yinlun, chairman of the China clothing group, went to the Zhangjiakou ice and snow equipment industrial park for a visit, and held talks with the leadership of the Zhangjiakou high and New Technology Industry Development Zone Management Committee.
During the talks, Zong Zhenhua, deputy director of the management committee, Zong Zhenhua and director Shi Haiou of the China Merchants Bureau, introduced to the president Zhou Yinlun a bank to introduce the current investment contract and the situation of the enterprises in the park. It analyzed the market demand and development prospects of Zhangjiakou, domestic and foreign, and communicated the industrial development and information of well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The group put forward suggestions on how to plan for layout and cooperate to develop ice and snow sports equipment industry, and expressed its positive support to help China Resources Group to share resources and promote cooperation. President Zhou Yinlun introduced the overall concept and work progress of the national machine group and the Chinese clothing group, and discussed the entry mode, the development path and the key direction of the industry, and expressed the positive tracking of the docking, and carried out the relevant work according to the valuable suggestions and information provided by the management Committee.