Grouting Pump

  The mortar pump is mainly used for the pressure grouting of the earth dam, the earth dam foundation of the reservoir, the earth and rock dam foundation, the loose layer and the karst cave, and the anchors pipe cement mortar to achieve the purpose of consolidation and seepage prevention. It can also be used in the construction process of other water conservancy facilities to transport lime slurry, cement slurry, clay mortar and other solid liquid mixture slurry.

  High pressure pump is the key equipment of high pressure jet grouting construction, which is mainly suitable for high pressure jet grouting, curtain grouting, retaining cofferdam, mine plugging, well surge wall, slope anchorage and so on. It can pump water and pump high viscosity and large proportion cement slurry. The high speed pump of the weighing probe adopts the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which can realize the stepless regulation of the flow, thereby ensuring the engineering quality and saving energy.