The annual footage of single nuclear industrial drilling machine aided by Heng Exploration Drilling Rig reached a new high

Recently, it was learned from the Nuclear Industry 243 Brigade that the 243-6 unit of the team efficiently completed the construction task for the whole year with an outstanding performance of 13% higher than the rated task index. The annual footage reached 13325.35 meters, marking that the annual footage of a single unit of the geological exploration project of the China Nuclear Industry Geological Bureau reached a new high. The machine is equipped with Hengtan XY-6 trailer core drilling unit.
This drilling unit is a kind of enhanced trailer drilling unit developed on the basis of XY-6 vertical shaft core drilling rig. The whole machine includes core drilling rig, trailer platform, drilling tower, mud pump, agitator, hydraulic system, electric control system, etc. The drill has large output torque, strong drilling capacity and wide rotating speed range. The connecting rod force increasing spring clamp and hydraulic release normally closed hydraulic chuck are used to ensure good compensation, large clamping force and stable and reliable operation; The trailer platform adopts the full trailer traction mode. The axle is 3 axles with 12 tires. The front axle is equipped with a rotary table, equipped with dual pipe air break brakes, shock absorbers and tail light systems; The drill tower adopts hydraulic oil cylinder for lifting and lowering, with two-way hydraulic lock, balance valve and throttle speed regulating valve to ensure safe and stable lifting and lowering of the drill tower.
Since the mobilization of the equipment, Hengtan Company has sent technicians and service personnel to provide all-round support, guide the construction personnel to carry out equipment operation training, regularly overhaul the equipment during the construction process, strengthen the routine maintenance of the equipment, increase the effective drilling time, and timely assist in solving the problems in the construction process, which has won the unanimous praise and affirmation of the two, four, three teams and machine personnel!
In recent years, the geological exploration team of the nuclear industry has kept in mind the original mission of "serving the country with uranium mines", implemented a large-scale, "multi arms" uranium exploration conference, made major breakthroughs in prospecting, further verified the prospect of China's uranium resources prediction, and greatly enhanced the confidence in domestic uranium prospecting. Hengtan Company, as the backbone enterprise of geological equipment manufacturing in China, will further strengthen cooperation with the geological exploration team of the nuclear industry, adhere to integrity and innovation, vigorously change ideas, and continue to provide high-quality technical equipment and services for China's mineral resources exploration.