Xiangnan 3000m Scientific Deep Drilling Completed

Recently, the project of "3000 meters scientific drilling for deep exploration of copper tin polymetallic deposits in southern Hunan" undertaken by the Third Geological and Mineral Exploration Institute of Shandong Province was successfully completed. The final hole depth of the borehole was 3008.93 meters, which was the first 3000 meters or more of solid mineral exploration in Hunan Province. XD-30DB electric top drive core drill developed by CGS Hengtan Company is adopted for the project.
This project belongs to the project 5 of the national key research and development plan "Demonstration of deep exploration technology for copper tin polymetallic minerals in southern Hunan section of Qinhang metallogenic belt" - "Demonstration of deep hole drilling verification and exploration technology". The borehole is located at the north edge of the middle section of the Nanling Mountains, where the geological tectonic effect is relatively strong. The upper part of the borehole meets gravel layer, small karst cave, and altered fracture zone. The project team uses cement grouting to seal the borehole, optimize the borehole structure, and run casing to isolate the borehole. From 1720 meters of drilling to meet such complex formations as vertical joint fracture, water sensitive formation shrinkage fracture and full hole leakage fracture, the project team adopted film-forming mud system, special reducing coring tools, composite drilling technology and other measures. After five rounds of drilling, the project team successfully passed through nearly 1000 meters of soft and complex rock strata, creating a precedent for ultra long drilling in the deep continuous soft and complex rock strata in the south.
The project is led by Central South University and jointly undertaken by 10 domestic universities, research institutes and geological exploration units, such as the Institute of Mineral Resources of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Xiangnan Geological Survey Institute, Kunming University of Technology, etc. The deep drilling project is under the responsibility of the Third Shandong Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources. The thick alteration mineralized zone exposed by the borehole in the deep part has a strong guiding significance for the deep prospecting in Baoshan mining area, Pingbao area and even southern Hunan. (Source: Shandong Third Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources)