Heng sounding pump assisted Tuxing Sun trenchless drilling rig crossing 1925m in South America

According to the news from Tuxingsun, the DDW-24,070 drilling rig successfully crossed the Yapakani River in Bolivia, South America. It took 15 days to complete the single drill crossing of 1925 meters. The project adopts the BW-3000/16 large flow mud pump of Hengyang Zhongdi Equipment Prospecting Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., and the whole set of equipment runs trouble free throughout. The successful implementation of the project has won the recognition of the construction contractor for the Made in China. Hengtan BW-3000/16 mud pump is a reciprocating single action five cylinder piston pump, which is mainly used for matching with trenchless drilling rigs with a thrust of about 500 tons, as well as for hydrological well construction and shallow oil drilling. It uses eight gear speed change, wide flow variation range, high output pressure, compact structure, stable operation, stable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and remote control.