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  Mud pump is one of the key equipment in geological drilling. Its main function is to supply the drilling fluid (mud or water) to the drill hole during drilling, so that it can circulate in the drill hole to carry the debris back to the ground, keep the hole clean, and cool and lubricate the drill and drilling tools, protect the hole wall to prevent the collapse and help to prevent the collapse and help. To help the drilling and so on. Whether the parameters of the pump match properly will directly affect the quality and efficiency of drilling engineering. Heng exploration is known as the cradle of China's specialized production mud pump. The mud pump series products have complete specifications, flow 100-2500L/min, pressure 1.5-50Mpa, occupy the market dominant position, and have drafted the national industry standard of "geological drilling reciprocating mud pump". The mud pump is widely used in geological core drilling, Trenchless Pipeline Construction, mine drainage, chemical liquid transportation and other fields.



  Core drilling machine is a kind of geological core drilling equipment, which is mainly used for the survey and exploration of metal and non-metallic solid minerals. It can also be used in engineering geological exploration, hydrogeological survey, survey and exploration of oil and gas fields, and drilling drilling. The core drilling machine has three different technical characteristics of mechanical vertical shaft type, full hydraulic and electric top drive type. Drilling depth is 100-4000 meters in depth, occupies an important market share, and participates in drafting the industry standard of "geological core drill series" and "full hydraulic core drilling machine technical conditions".



Cradle of professional production of mud pump in China

Hengyang central equipment Exploration Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new company established by Hengyang exploration machinery plant of the Ministry of Geology and mineral resources in 2006. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Geological Equipment Group. The company is located in Zhuhui District, Hengyang city of Hunan province. The traffic is very convenient. It is close to the two main railway lines of Beijing and Guangxi and Hunan and Guangxi. The Wu Guang high speed railway is here to join, and the Beijing Zhuhai and hengkunkun high-speed railway are connected here.

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Fill in the gap, the tower crane integrated core drilling machine sells well.

XY-42L, XY-5L type tower crane core drilling machine is developed on the basis of the advantages of the main drive of the vertical drill, which is based on the advantages of integrated function integr

Strong combination, "Heng pump" supporting famous brand trenchless rig.

The 2016-2017 year is the stage of rapid development of the trenchless technology industry in China. The non trenchless technology has been widely used in the municipal, gas, communications, oil and o

Major breakthrough in shale gas survey in new Wendi 1 well of electric top drive rotary drilling rig

In September 2017, the new well 1 well, Wensu County, Shandong Province, was drilled by the third geological and Mineral Exploration Institute of Xinjiang province. The XD-40DB/P type electric top dri